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Manufacturing Execution Module

Wonderware Manufacturing Execution Module is a manufacturing execution application that empowers Wonderware customers to define logical manufacturing models in terms of routes, operations, resources and bills of materials -- as well as their relationship. It enables the operational execution of production plans with accurate tracking and control of work-in-process (WIP) information related to inventories, resource utilization and conformance to specifications.

The result is increased visibility into manufacturing operations, which is critical to minimizing inventory, scrap and rework, maximizing equipment utilization, and improving on-time delivery.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce production and capital costs by minimizing WIP and inventory
  • Improved order fulfillment accuracy through visibility to operational activities
  • Increase production throughput by shortening cycle times and overall lead times

Key Capabilities

  • MES functions to enforce manufacturing rules with an accurate production model
  • Reduce paperwork and manual data entry errors
  • Web-based reports



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